IIT Gandhinagar

An Extensive Range Of Virtual Classroom Solutions, Including Digital Podiums, Are Deployed At IIT Gandhinagar

About IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar was founded in 2008 and is located in Palaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat on the banks of river Sabarmati.It offers BTech and MTech programmes in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Materials Science and Engineering and also offers MSc programmes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Cognitive Science. It also offers MA programme in Society and Culture. Ph.D. programmes are offered in all the engineering and science disciplines such as Chemical, Biomedical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and Materials Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Science, and Cognitive Sciences. Apart from the graduate programmes in engineering and science, institute also offers PhD in Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, political sciences and Social Epidemiology.

Business Requirement / Challenges

IIT Gandhinagar wanted to setup a state-of-art elearning solution for the classrooms and audio visual rooms to conduct lectures both from within and outside the campus. They also wanted the videos from the far end to be displayed on the LED screen while the presentations should be displayed on the projection screen. The sound quality had to be clearer with no reverberations from the hall or acoustic echo heard at the receiving end. They needed best quality microphones for the students to interact with the remote faculties and collaborate from devices like tablets, monitors and interactive boards. A solution had to be upgradable to accommodate increased number of students and conferencing locations. They also wanted a solution to have the option to record the entire session for future refence.

PeopleLink’s Solution Design

We offered them a Digital Podium with inbuilt Mixer, Amplifier, tablet, Controller, PC and Video Controller in combination with one High End Projector, A Full High Definition Camera and Bose Wall Mount Speakers. The Digital Podium would be having a Touch Screen tablet Monitor on top which would be showing the Computer Display with Video Conferencing inbuilt. The Students would be viewing the Videos of the FAR end on the one Projector Screen and the Presentation part would be available on the Other Projection Screen. The PC inside the Podium would be having a Dual Display Card for splitting Display and a Digital Signal Processor card for Acoustic Echo Cancellation which is the basic requirement for video Conferencing. The Audio Output of the Session would be fed through the Amplifier to the Bose Wall Mount Speakers for Best sound Reinforcement.

Business Results Achieved By Using PeopleLink

For Teachers

  • The teachers are able to teach students from any location by joining the virtual classroom through their mobile/iphone/ipads/pc/laptop/ android phones on wi-fi, broadband, lease line or data card connectivity.
  • Multiple cameras can be attached to any location, capturing the ariel, front, back and side views and can be streamed over the institutes network for the receivers.
  • The Lectures or minutes of meeting will be stored at a central server or even at different locations as per requirement.
  • The Lecturer will have digital white board which enables him/her to write things irrespective of the physical presence of hardware.
  • Notes/Files up to 100 Mb can be exchanged between participants.
  • Applications at any location as well as the complete Desktop can be streamed to the remote locations.
  • Images/Videos of the documents can be shared with the remote classes.
  • The solution provides the facility to stream the live or pre recorded lecture to N no of persons by either putting it on some portal within LAN or WAN, mobile app link, etc.
  • The Solution enables us to use the all facilities from any PC/ Laptop/ Smart Phone/ Pad to give remote Lectures.
  • The Solution allows the Lecturer to connect 1000 Locations at same time from single class or concurrent number of classes are going but the maximum number of the can be connected simultaneously will be 1000.

For Students

  • The students can join classes from any Locations e from their Laptop/iPad/ PC/ Android Phone/ Smart Phone/ iPhone by using the Wi-Fi, Broadband Connection, Data Card, etc.,
  • The students can access the pre-record classes from their PC/ Laptop/ Smart Phones/ Pad by either using centralized Portal or Mobile App.
  • The student can also ask questions in digital white board sharing are enabled from Lecturer then Only.
  • With the web co-browsing feature the students can actively take part in any LIVE session and make the lecture more animated and interesting.
  • The student can transfer the file to other participants with in-built facility to transfer multiple files. Max size of each file can be 100M.However, this feature requires to be enabled from the lecturer.
  • The student can share any application of their PC/ Laptop as well as their complete Desktop with remote locations if allowed by lecturer.
  • The student can share Camera Image / Video of their notes/thesis with others if allowed by the Lecturer.