PeopleLink iCam FHD-Lecture Tracking is an AI tracking camera designed for the education industry. It features advanced lecturer tracking and student detection algorithms for convenient and reliable performance. In addition, the camera is equipped with image processing and analysis technology, allowing for seamless switching between lecturer tracking images, panoramic images, student positioning images, and panoramic images to fulfill the requirements of lecturer capture and remote interactive teaching. The iCam FHD-Lecture Tracking Camera supports RTMP protocol for easy webcasting and offers multiple output options, including USB 3.0, HD-SDI, IP, and DVI.

    Key Features:

    Product Features:

    • Superb High-definition 1080P Full HD 60fps

    • 59.5° Field Of View

    • 20X Optical Zoom, 12X Digital Zoom

    • USB3.0/SDI/DVI connectors

    • Network, support H.264/H265/MJPEG Video compression

    • Support four streams, tracking dual-stream and panoramic dual-stream

    • Network can be configured as automatic switching mode between tracking and panoramic images.

    Student Tracking Camera Features: • Built-in human behavior recognition image algorithm to depend on students standing and sitting, • The positioning effects are not limited by the room size, shape, and stepped room which has good adaptability to different heights, • The size of the tracking camera lens has an automatic zoom function according to the distance of the target, • The color and brightness of tracking and panoramic images are consistent, • intelligently identify single or multiple peoples standing and sitting movements, and give tracking positioning shots of single or multiple people, which can identify the actions of leaving and leaving after standing, • Flexible installation position, not limited to the center of the front of the room.

    Teacher Tracking Camera Features: • Even if the target is stationary for a long time, it can always lock the tracking target without being disturbed by other moving targets or the contents of the projector, • self-adaptive teacher height always keeping the proper height of the teacher’s heads in the video, • The tracking is stable and the lecturer does not move slightly hand movements, and interference with the target will not cause camera shake, • The tracking range can cover all rooms, no longer limited to the podium and automatically scales according to the distance of the target that always maintaining the appropriate size.



    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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