PeopleLink DSP is the ultimate audio conferencing equipment for High Definition Audio signal processing. With the most powerful HD audio in the market, our Audio Solutions deliver full continuous presence meetings with Multi-Location Voice conferencing, making it perfect for local sound reinforcement. In addition, our Audio Video Conference Equipment is highly scalable and flexible – it provides an HD voice communication platform ideal for the communication needs of large enterprises and service providers looking to offer video conferencing services.

The advanced design of our Audio Solutions for meetings makes it the most powerful and up-to-date microphone Mixer, DSP, and Amplifier in the industry today. In addition, the Compact, simple, user-friendly design of our Audio Conferencing Equipment allows you to do Large scale Video Conferencing from a compact audio system. Our DSP features AEC, Noise Suppression, De-reverb Filter, and AGC.

    Key Features

    Chassis: 19-inch chassis (Rack Mountable) DSP with inbuilt amplifier with wireless microphone system

    Circuit: Integrated Self-Protection Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Circuit

    Current: Very low quiescent current. Can run on inverter.

    Efficiency: High efficiency of ∼90%

    Frequency lock: Quartz-locked frequency

    Power Supply Safety: Switch Mode Power Supply Unit. Overload and Over Voltage Protection

    Range: Wide operating range of 300 feet

    SMT Circuit: Surface mount technology (SMT) circuit

    Applications Of Multi Channel Console DSP

    • Area of Application: Classroom, Training room, and small auditorium
    • Capacity: 40 to 60 persons
    Phone Set Features
    Enhanced Audio Features
    Automatic Echo Cancellation
    Automatic Gain Control
    Noise Reduction EAF
    Full Duplex
    Non Linear Processing
    Automatic Level Control

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